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My name is Erica Hawkes and I create art as my passion and full time career.

I paint in a few different styles, one I've called Cubist Impressionism. Simply put, I separate the colors of a scene and paint it back in using geometric shapes and lines.

I also paint landscapes in A style I've called Nouveau 7, of which I borrow elements from the fabulous group of seven in Canada, and the beautiful flowing lines of Art Nouveau movement at the turn of the century.


I was born and raised in Beautiful BC. I studied Design at Colorado institute of Art in Denver, finishing up years later in Vancouver BC, wih a degree in design.

Over the years, I have worked in a variety of medium. Graphite, acrylic, watercolor, india Ink, and oil.  I have also had the privilege to work as an illustrator, portrait artist, teacher and photographer.

I love everything about art, from taking photographs for future works, to the sketching and final laying down of paint. To create something beautiful is always my aim. I know I will always explore as I develop in my career as an artist, and I feel as if there is always something new to learn!  My goal is to paint beautiful paintings that bring a little joy, paintings that people feel nostalgic about and love to have in their homes!